While we are proud to provide flexible capital, we do have a sweet spot.  Ideal investment candidates will be located in the U.S., have a business to business (B2B) focus and have EBITDA between $2M and $10M.  Additionally, we enjoy partnering with companies who have untapped growth potential but do not have the capital or human capital resources to fully realize the opportunity.

As a founder-run, founder focused firm, we prefer to work with closely held companies as first-in professional capital but can play well with others when needed.

It all starts with you!

Founders have different needs, so initially emailing or doing a call to understand a bit about your business is the first step.

Is there a fit?

Not only economics, but value and culture. If it’s all about the money, traditional private equity will always fill that need but to caution you, it always comes with terms weighted in their favor.

Are you ready?

Selling a company is no different than many other big moments in life. It takes the right transition to make for a good transaction.

Have a plan

Come up with a plan and reiterate #2 and #3.

Move towards a transaction

If we make it to #5 then we are both in favor to successful start and finish a transaction.
Contact us anytime – We work like you do… as most founders do – all the time!