Founders of companies don’t fit into perfect circles or squares.  A founder has to adjust daily to the obstacles in a business.  Circle Square has the experience in building the puzzles of business and understands how the founder of a company feels.  We provide private equity for buyouts of businesses in the manufacturing, distribution, software, services and technology space.


Flexibility and Speed in the process


Deep understanding of business with limitless contacts and resources


Ability to understand people,
teams and culture

How We Work

If you own a B2B focused company with EBITDA between $2-10M and either want to explore a sale, look for liquidity or bring in someone that can grow your business to the next level of scale you have come to the right place.  Traditional private equity is all about dollars and doesn’t understand the soul, people and value of companies that have been part of your life. While financials are key, we pride ourselves in our ability to properly weight these other intangibles into our decision-making process. If you want to work with a founder of a company then click here.


“Circle Square’s keen ability to discover talented people, keep a level head in any situation, and his entrepreneurial drive has always earned him much respect in my book, and he is someone I would love to work with again.”

Sammy K.

“I’ve always been impressed with Circle Square’s business acumen and their ability to distill issues to their essence. Their achievements speak for themselves, particularly their innovations around distribution. In addition, Circle Square acts with the highest degree of integrity. It gives me great pleasure to give Circle Square a ringing endorsement.”

Lou K.

“Circle Square and their entire leadership team are the utmost professionals and a true pleasure to work with. Circle Square delivers best practices HR experience from the top down by attracting and retaining A players, motivating employees to think outside the box, while creating an open culture where opinions matter and management truly listens and cares, and it shows by the loyal employees who make a difference as GDI continues to grow and flourish.”

Julie W.